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If you want to finally get control of your anger… if you find yourself getting steaming mad over the smallest things… and you want to know the most effective ways to manage your anger… this website was written just for you.

Here's the story..

Even The Smallest Things Would Set Me Off…

For much of my life I was what you might call, “short tempered”..

In fact, that’s being generous—even the smallest things would set me off and I’d get so angry I could barely see straight!

When I was a little kid, I‘d deal with it by having angry fits… or getting in fights with the other kids at school…

Then as I was growing up I took the popular “man approach” and kept a lot of my anger buried deep down inside.

But this only made things worse because eventually I would explode in anger when the smallest thing would rub me the wrong way.

Maybe you can relate?

The worst part was…

I hurt a lot of my family and friends because of my anger!

The problem with having anger management issues, is often you think you’re only hurting yourself (and you certainly are, as there are many physical ailments associated to anger control problems)…

But the worse part is when you actually hurt the people you care about.

Your friends and family.

Can you relate to any of the following?

• You’ve blown up at your family members… yelling at them even though they weren’t the reason you were angry

• You yell and say things you regret when they ARE the source of your anger

• Occasionally your friends and family will even AVOID you completely because they’re afraid to set you off

• A loved one tells you “I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around you all the time, and I can never relax because I’m afraid you’ll get mad at me over the littlest thing” or something similar…

If you can relate to any of the things above you know the pain it causes you when you realize how much you can hurt the people you deeply care about by losing your temper…

I decided I needed to change…

I was going to learn to control my temper no matter what!

So I started reading books… magazines… websites… anything I could get my hands on.

I must have been the most popular person in the bookstore’s “self help” section!

And I learned a ton. I also went to therapy, tried meditation, yoga, and other practices for stress relief.

Over the course of time, actually MONTHS of trying everything I’d been researching, I discovered what worked for me… and I’m proud to say I now have control of my temper…

And best of all the people I love are much happier around me than ever before.

The truth is, even though it doesn’t feel like it…

It's Easier Than You Think!

As it turns out learning to control your anger is not complicated once you know a few basic principles. The good news is, it’s way easier than burying all your anger deep down inside and not letting it out (so if you can do that --- you can definitely control your temper!)

And you don't need to know a ton of “self help” or therapeutic stuff either.

That's the big secret.

In fact, what I discovered was that there are only a few key principles, techniques and tactics that can really make it simple to control your anger.

(and they all work a lot better than just “counting to ten”!)

Here's the problem...

There's No Simple Guide

I had to read virtually thousands of websites… tons of books… and try it all out to discover what really works.

I searched and searched for a good simple guide to controlling my anger.

You know, a booklet that was low on fluff and just tells me what I need to know about not letting anger get the best of me.

I don't want to know a ton of psychology and technical stuff… and I don’t need to know a lot of “new age” information.

I just want to know...what are the basic tips that people who are calm and not stressed out know that would help me control my anger.

Just teach me those tips, was what I was thinking.

I couldn't find such a booklet.

So I compiled all my research, and had one created!

The Simple Secrets To Controlling Your Anger Finally Revealed!

This is the guide I was looking for but couldn't find. It's called Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management. And here's just some of what's inside...

• Anger 101: everything you need to know about what anger actually is (the answer will surprise you) and the value of anger management (pages 6-13).

• How to tell if your anger is a problem that could damage your life? 8 signs you absolutely must be aware of to keep anger from ruining your life (pages 14-20)…

• Why your environment might be to blame for your constant feelings of anger (pages 21-25)

• Exactly why violence is NEVER the answer when you get angry… and what to do if you’re prone to use violence as your anger outlet (pages 25-27)

• Why you get angry and 18 possible “triggers” that are probably make you mad now (when you know what sets you off it will be easier to avoid those triggers) (pages 29-39)

• How to stop your anger dead in its tracks – these are the four basics you can apply immediately for immediate results (pages 40-45)

• 9 different approaches you can use to manage your anger and the benefits of each (page 53 explains a technique you’ve probably never heard of that will almost immediately remove any and all feelings of anger using a simple stone!) (pages 50-56)

• Why you need to manage your anger correctly or suffer any one of these 6 physical side effects of anger (plus, how you can analyze yourself to see if you’re currently suffering from any of them) (pages 56-59)

• How to identify your personal “angry personality” and what you can do to get better (pages 61-67)

• My ultra-condensed list of all the ways you can control your temper I share elsewhere in the book so you can quickly calm yourself when your anger starts to grow (pages 68-70)

• Plus much more!

This just scratches the surface of what's in the book.

I give you everything you need to start controlling your anger, the simple way.

I'm sure that right about now, you're wondering...

How Much Does The Book Cost?

The real question is: how much is it worth to finally know all the stuff about controlling your temper you've always wanted to know?

Or how much is it worth to never hurt your family and friends feelings again?

I suppose you could do what most people do -- just "make it up as you go", and use the "trial and error" method.

But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I've put into this simple book?

And I boil it all down for you in very simple, easy to understand terms. Less than 100 pages -- no fluff, all information you can put to work right now.

Order your copy of the book for just $29.95

I'll send you not only the book itself, but also the audio book (which you can listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player, or on your computer...

...or even burn it to CD). And if it doesn't work - I'll send you back your money.

doesn't $29.95 seem reasonable?

And just in case you missed what I was saying, let me be clear...

You Get The Book PLUS The Audio Book!

When you order your copy of Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management today, you get the book in two different formats:

  1. Downloadable eBook. You can be reading Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management in as little as 2 minutes from right now (even if it's 2am on a Sunday!). My automated system will deliver your copy as a downloadable PDF file (which can be read on any computer). You can read the book on your computer, or you can print it out if you like.
    Download your copy.
  2. Downloadable Audio book. I'll also deliver you the Audio book version in MP3 format. You can listen to it on your iPod or other MP3 device, burn it to a CD, or just listen to it right on your computer. The choice is yours! Download your copy. Try The Book Risk-Free For 8 Full Weeks!

There's no need to make up your mind right now.

Get your copy of the book.

Read it.

Start enjoying the benefits of managing your anger, the healthy way.

See if it works for you -- if it gets you started on controlling your temper (it will).

I don't want you to take any risk at all in ordering this book. So here's what I'm willing to do: you get the book and audio, and put me to the test for EIGHT WEEKS.

If at the end of the 8 weeks you don't feel amazed, dazzled, and delighted with how much easier it is to control your anger...

Simply ask for a refund.

I'll give you 100% of your money back. No hassle. No questions.

"Rock-Solid 8-Week Unconditional Guarantee"

My personal promise to you:

If Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management doesn't work for you, I don't want to keep your money.

Get your copy of the book right now.

If it doesn't fulfill your every expectation, help you control your temper..

If you're not 100% thrilled and delighted with the results... 

Just ask for a refund and I'll send you every penny of your money back. 

It's that simple, and the risk is 100% on my part... not yours.

Don't forget - you have up to 2 whole months to decide ... 

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For that matter, you get to keep everything (how could I make you "un-download" your book and audio book, even if I wanted to?).

If you were less than honest, you could download you book and easily rip me off. 

But I'm placing my faith in you, I trust you won't do such a thing!

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